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Heat Pump system planning, efficiency calculation and Lifecycle Management System: All device brands in one system!

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About Hedias

Rapid assessment of heat pump system Efficiency, Cost savings and Carbon Footprint supports energy management consultants and building engineers. Clear, easy-to-use and always up-to-date tool for choosing the right heating solution. Keep track of your bids, orders and dimensionings accurately in the cloud.


Hedias assigns the best device combination to the current building and situation using real device performance.

Easy to Use

Customers, Bids and calculations are at your disposal from anywhere.


Maintain user roles and permissions to share data where its needed. Online reports and dashboards are always up to date.

Support your sales

By choosing the right devices and accelerating your bid processs you can enchance all of your sales activities.

Why Hedias?

Hedias is used by heat pump manufacturers, importers, retailers and installers in several countries to ensure the best heating solution, to expedite sales and installations or to see which heatpump device is being preferred by a specific retailer or a specific geographical area. In Hedias you will have all of your heat pump brands in one system!

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